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Paper Trimmer Uses

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A Rotatrim paper trimmer is a useful piece of equipment for any home, office, workplace or organisation.

Our trimmers are famed for their longevity, durability and reliability. Made from the finest quality materials including Sheffield Steel our trimmers are built to withstand continual everyday use.

The unique rotary cutting blade runs along a steel flat blade which works much like a scissor cutting motion while producing a clean, precise cut whilst self-sharpening the rotary blade at the same time.



Scrapbooking is long-established but ever-growing in popularity a people find new ways to combine their photographs and show their crafty side. Scrapbooking is a great way to do this. A great tool to help with you scrapbook is a Rotatrim Mastercut. Our smallest model in this range comes in A4 size so will make cutting and trimming your prints and materials easy and satisfying leaving you with a personalised photo book.


Photo Print Trimming

When you have taken the photo shot you love and want to frame it to display for friends and family you will naturally invest in the best quality photo paper. Once printed your photo may need to be trimmed to fit your chosen frame or mount. Many people will attempt using scissors, don’t!! It is a lot harder than it would seem to cut in a straight line with scissors and may leave your print looking uneven or not sitting straight in its frame or album. This is where a Rotatrim Professional will become a necessity, every cut will be straight, precise and square leaving all you printed images looking every bit as good as you intended.


Poster or Larger Prints

If your requirement is for larger than average prints, for example, posters or signage you should look straight to the Rotatrim DigiTech or Technical range where the cut length can be as large as 2.5 metres. So no matter the size of the display or image it can be cut and sized correctly.


Thicker Material

At Rotatrim we appreciate our trimmers will not just be required to cut photo paper and card but all sorts of different materials in varying thicknesses and sizes. Although our trimmers will not cut the larger quantities that a guillotine would, many of our trimmers have cut capacities of between 3mm and 4mm enabling them to cut and trim tougher material such as Mountboard, Shim Metal and Vinyl, making them ideal for industrial use. Our Rotatrim PowerTech is a favourite for larger companies as it is a large-format power-driven trimmer with a self-clamping strip which is capable of cutting through material 3mm in thickness.


All Crafting Projects

Essentially wherever you need a clear cut or precise trim a Rotatrim trimmer will be the best piece of equipment for the job. From card making to photo albums, our trimmers can help you achieve the professional finish you deserve. To compliment our trimmers we also offer a range of 5-layer Cutting Mats from A4 size all the way up to 1m x 2m mats. We also manufacture three sizes of Straight Edges, which when combined with our mats, make a great alternative to a full-sized trimmer where space or budget is limited.


At Rotatrim Ltd, we manufacture the worlds finest paper trimmers. For any enquiries please contact us on 44 (0) 1234 224545 or send us a message here.