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DIY Paper Christmas Decorations You Can Make at Home

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Paper Decorations You’re Bound to Love

This is the season to be jolly, but it is also the season that can get expensive! A lot of folks like to spend a fair bit of money on purchasing Christmas decorations. But those looking to save money could consider some DIY decorations. It is not all about saving money though, it is a nice activity for your family and friends to get creative and make some paper decorations. So, with this in mind, let’s look at some paper Christmas decorations that you can begin making in time for Christmas. 

Paper Chains

Starting the Christmas holidays with some fun classic Christmas crafts is always a great idea. Paper chains are a Christmas classic, a great activity for getting your friends and family together, great for all ages. Everyone from young kids to adults can join in, grab a glass of your favourite Christmas beverage and get creative. 

Using different materials is a great idea, try using card, decorative paper, holographic paper or even just draw and design your own patterns. Using a paper cutter such as a rotatrim will be your best bet to ensuring your paper strips for constructing the chains with come out straight and consistent.

Honeycomb Baubles

When you think of Christmas Decorations, what comes to mind? Well, for us it’s definitely Christmas baubles. And these paper honeycomb baubles work great on a Christmas tree and they’re not too difficult to construct, what a bonus! We have linked below a great video on how to construct these beautiful paper creations. Get together with the family and get crafting! 


Ah, the classic Christmas craft! Do you ever remember making and decorating your classrooms in paper snowflakes? Normally, we’d grab a piece of paper, fold it a few times and cut out a few shapes, which would reveal your very own snowflake design.  However, times have changed and so have these classic crafts. There are many fun alternatives, but you can never beat the originals. You can make them your own using decorative paper, glitter glue and anything else you could think of. 

One other thing you can do to add an extra flair to your DIY decorations is to use a paper cutter such as the rotatrim to cut off straight edges from the sheet of paper, turning your rectangle paper into a diamond shape. Then go ahead with the folding and cutting as normal and when you unfold you’ll have a lovely diamond-shaped snowflake cut out. 

Paper Stars

Get crafty with paper stars. Stars are a great Christmas decoration, not only do they look good but they are also fun to make. As far as paper decorations go, these are definitely one of the more creative projects. Below, we have linked a youtube video which provides you with all the necessary information to get crafty with these paper stars.

As you can see it features a little cutting and folding and as the demonstrator showcased, you can make it in around 1 minute! But even if it takes a little bit longer, not to worry, this is a great decoration and will look lovely hung up on your Christmas tree. And once again, you could use coloured paper or decorate plain to your taste to lift your Christmas tree to the next level!

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