MasterCut MC Series

Our cost saving trimmer that's lower on price but big on precision and performance.

The MasterCut MC Series is based on the huge success of the Pro Series but with a few cost saving tweaks to make it more of an affordable option to customers not using their trimmer on a daily basis but who still want the precision and robustness they have come to expect from Rotatrim. Historically the MasterCut MC Series was designed and manufactured by us specifically for the education market, where the customer required the same precise, heavy duty of the Pro Series but due to budget constraints, required something more affordable. Recognising this, we designed the MasterCut MC Series.


The MasterCut MC Series has all the qualities of the Pro Series, precision, reliability, robustness and longevity but with a couple of minor alterations to strip out some of the cost. For example in replacing the metal end castings with plastic, the reduction of the twin guide rails to a single square rail this has enabled us to bring down the cost of production without affecting the quality of our product. With models from the MCA4 through to the MCA0 the range also has a cut capacity of up to 2mm* thick and a two way cutting option* the MasterCut MC Series can assist you in all your lighter cutting and trimming needs.

The strong gridded baseboard is sturdy and ensures a flat smooth cutting surface ensuring no movement when in use on a level surface. The fully enclosed Sheffield Steel rotary cutting wheel slides effortlessly along the flatblade via the square guide rail eliminating any head swivel ensuring a smooth, precise cut. Not just the first time, but every time. We are able to offer a range of accessories to compliment your MasterCut MC Series including Extended Rules and Maintenance Packs. Speak to us directly and we will do our best to assist you in finding the best MasterCut and/or accessory to suit your needs.

Do you need to cut something that isn’t listed on our materials list? Please contact us and we will make arrangements to have samples of your materials sent to us, we will then test cut the material and come back to you with the most suitable trimmer for your needs.

* Dependant on size of model