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6 Reasons Why Every School Should Own a Rotatrim

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In the classroom, you are likely to see a range of office tools being used from stationery items to printers and laminators. However one, often, overlooked item of classroom equipment is a good quality paper trimmer. Here in this blog, we will discuss why you should ensure that your school has a Rotatrim paper cutter.


Precise and Easy to Use by All Ages and Abilities

Here at Rotatrim, we appreciate how busy lecturers and teachers are, they want a task to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether its mounting artwork, trimming newsletters or exam course work, we can guarantee our trimmers will do the job quickly, precisely and efficiently. With a mounted rule and clear measurement markings on the heavy-duty board our trimmers are easy to use by people of all ages an abilities.



Safety is paramount in a school. This is why we have ensured that every trimmer we supply is completely safe to use by students of all ages and abilities. All of our trimmers feature an enclosed cutting head to ensure user safety.



Built for the long term, not just one term. Our trimmers are built to last and withstand heavy-duty, consistent use. Hand-built by our skilled technicians Rotatrim sources only the finest quality materials to ensure our customers get reliability and longevity from their trimmers.

From the Sheffield Steel used for our blades to the heavy-duty MDF used on our baseboards our trimmers are built to last and will require only minimal maintenance. We are proud to back up all our trimmers with a ‘Labour Free Servicing Guarantee’.

If something was to go wrong we sell maintenance and service packs for all of our trimmers and keep every part for your trimmer in our stock. Also, if it is something you are not happy to fix yourself we offer a repair service where one of our technicians will repair and service your trimmer for you. This makes your trimmer irreplaceable!

Mastercut Paper Trimmer

Cost-Effective Educational Supplies

Rotatrim understands, now more than ever, education budgets are tight. This is why it is so important to invest in reliable equipment. We can offer a trimmer in size and range to suit any budget without compromising the quality and efficiency our customers have come to expect from Rotatrim. We support the education sector fully and are proud to be able to offer competitive discounts on our cutters when sold directly into the education market.



Along with a complete range of spare parts Rotatrim can offer many accessories to complement your trimmer and make life easier. From stand and waste collectors for your trimmers to rule extensions and roll dispensers we also offer high-quality self-healing cutting mats and flat blades in a range of different sizes


Paper Trimmer Range

Rotatrim stock a range of different paper trimmers to suit all your school’s need and budget. Our MasterCut range is our cost-saving trimmer that is lower on price but big on precision and performance. We then have the Professional range, our most recognised trimmer! A top of the range trimmer that many other companies try to replicate but none have achieved the high-quality precision the Professional is famous for.

These are but two of the high-quality range of trimmers we can offer, please contact us or call Rotatrim on 01234 224545 and our knowledgeable sales team will assist in finding you the trimmer that will best suit your requirements and budget. From the school office to the classroom, to the reprographics studio there is a Rotatrim to suit your needs

We hope that you find the information in this blog useful. If you have any questions regarding any of our products then feel free to contact us or call Rotatrim on 01234 224545.