"You can buy an ordinary trimmer, or you can invest in a Rotatrim"

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Why Professional Photographers Should Invest in a Rotatrim

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One of the final stages after taking a great shot is to cut your print down to prepare it for framing.

An essential part of this final process is to not only ensure your customer receiving the best possible finish but that your work is shown off to its full potential.

The help achieve this all you need is a Rotatrim paper trimmer.

Choosing the Right Paper Trimmer

Increased Accuracy:

To achieve a precise, accurate, clean finish you will require a high-quality paper cutter.

Our Pro range of trimmers are manufactured exactly for this.

Using the highest quality ‘Sheffield’ steel blades which sit upon a solid 25mm thick gridded baseboard. Along with the double stainless steel bars the cutting head glides along. A clear clampstrip and metal curser allow a precise, square cut every time.

An Investment:

Our trimmers are all built for the long term.

Hand built with British sourced material in our factory in Bedford, UK, every trimmer is built to last making them an investment to all of our customers.

Most of our trimmers come with a 5 Year Guarantee and all come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Although our trimmers are built to last a lifetime, we understand sometimes spare parts or replacements maybe needed, we can supply these directly to you from our factory, usually on a next day delivery depending on your location.

Time Saving:

As most photographers are time reliant, a trimmer is a necessity for the print room.

Being out on several shoots a day along with then developing your images all take time. The last thing needed is to then have to painstakingly cut your prints by hand with a mat and knife.

Owning one of our trimmers will cut your cutting workload, quite literally, in half. Leaving you with more time to go out and do what you do best, shoot great images!

Easy to Use:

Using a Rotatrim trimmer is safe and easy to use by people of all ages and abilities.

We understand that creating a great image happens well before you print and trim it. You have to set up your tripod, position your camera and set it to the desired setting, the lighting has to be correct and then complete any finishing touches with Photoshop.

To complete your work with the high standard of work put in up to this point a high-quality trimmer is essential.

Cutting Correctly:

Any printing comes at a cost, from the actual cost of printing itself to the photopaper you print onto. Therefore, no mistakes can be made when it comes to the cutting and sizing of your work.

Our Pro range of trimmers solid laminate gridded baseboards with crosshair paper size guide along with a marked side rule, curser and clear clampstrip, all combined ensure making measuring and lining up your work is easier than ever.

Our hand-built trimmers are all squared before leaving our premises, ensuring every cut you make will be as clean and precise as the first.

Working with a variety of materials:

Photography and certainly the materials we are printing onto is constantly evolving.

Our trimmers are more than capable of cutting cleanly through a variety of materials in varying thicknesses.

Please see our website for each Rotatrim models material cut guide.

If you cannot find the material, you require on the list please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange having a sample sent to us to be tested on our trimmers.

To find out more about our products or for any further information please contact us on 01234 224545 or please fill in an enquiry form on our contact page and we will come back to you as quickly as possible.