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Guide to Choosing The Right Paper Trimmer

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There are so many options available when looking for a paper trimmer. So, how do you find the right paper trimmer for you? To find out, you need to ask yourself what do you need it for? Is it home use or to use professionally? This is an example of a change that could make a big difference in which paper cutter is perfect for you.

In this blog, we’ll have a look at a few of the high-quality paper cutters we offer at Rotatrim. This will give you an idea of the paper cutting systems available out there. Let’s explore what to look for when buying a paper trimmer:

How to Buy the Right Paper Trimmer

It’s important to look at all the options available. This will help you to make the right decision as you know what each different paper trimmer does. Once you know the benefits of a specific paper cutter, you can choose the right option that most matches your needs.

The most important difference between paper cutting systems is whether they’re for professional or home use. At home, your paper trimmer will not go through as much use as if it was in an office. When a paper cutter is in an office it will be used by multiple people, often many times a day. This is why durability will be a much bigger consideration for professional environments rather than buying one for your home.

Another example of professional use for paper trimmers is in the photography or graphic design industry. Someone in one of these industries may use a paper cutter to shape their photo prints or designs to the right size. This means they will need a highly precise trimmer that can cut to their exact specifications. Whereas, if the paper trimmer is only for home use, you will need one that is simple to use rather than highly technical.

Some of the most important things to consider are what material you’re cutting and the size of materials you’ll be cutting. Are you going to be cutting materials larger than A4? Then you will need a paper trimmer that can handle these demands. While A4 trimmers are one of the most popular options, think about the size of materials you’re going to cut. Choose a paper cutting system that most match your needs.

At Rotatrim, we offer paper cutters in a wide range of sizes. Look at all the choices available and make a choice based on what will work for you for the longest time. Another factor to look at is how often you will use your paper cutter. If you and others are going to be using the trimmer lots throughout the day, then a durable paper trimmer will be an ideal option. Heavy-duty paper cutters are more durable but can also cut tougher materials.

So, now you know some of the things to look out for when choosing a paper trimmer. But what are the options out there? At Rotatrim, we offer a wide range of high-quality paper cutting systems that are suitable for a variety of uses. Let’s explore some of the choices we offer so you can make the right choice for you:

Paper Guillotine

Choosing a Rotatrim

All our paper-cutting systems are designed and built here in the UK. At Rotatrim, we only use the finest quality and precision-engineered components. Our specialist team of engineers then assemble our paper trimmers to provide precise and practical benefits. Our wide range of products includes paper cutters, precision trimmers, and cutting mats. Explore below to find the right Rotatrim for you:

MasterCut MC Series

For a more affordable paper trimmer that doesn’t sacrifice on quality, our MasterCut MC Series is the ideal option. It saves you money while providing incredible precision and performance. This paper trimmer is perfect for people who won’t be using their paper cutting system every day, but don’t want to lose any precision or durability.

Originally our Rotatrim MasterCut MC Series was designed for the education sector for use in schools and universities. This is because they’re a heavy-duty and precise trimmer like the Pro Series but are a more affordable option. The trimmers range from A4 to A0 sizes. Our A4 size will cut materials up to 350mm in length, fit an A4 landscape, and cut materials with a thickness of up to 2mm.

Technical Series

Our technical series is a large trimmer designed for challenging uses such as trimming tough materials. Stronger materials such as banners, PVC, and print plates need a more powerful trimmer. That’s why we developed our Technical T Series that can deliver consistent results with hard to cut materials. One of the reasons for this is its self-lifting clamp mechanism. This allows you to position large, thick materials and cut them with the same precision as smaller trimmers.

The technical series can cut materials in sizes from 650mm to 2500mm. It’s made from high-quality aluminium and ultra-hard Sheffield D2 Tool Steel self-sharpening, precision-engineered blades. This allows the trimmer to not only cut thicker materials but also thin materials; even tissue paper.

This trimmer is built for industrial uses such as in printers and banner and sign makers. It can also be a great option for technology colleges and universities. The trimmers’ overload protection feature and steel square guide rail also removes the risk of any head swivel. This not only ensures your safety while using the trimmer but improves its precision.

PowerTech PT Series

The PowerTech series is a precise large format trimmer purpose-built for large materials. It uses an electric paper guillotine powered by a foot pedal to give you a precise cut. To ensure your safety, the trimmer features an automatic safety clamp which also makes it simpler to position larger materials.

What makes Rotatrim stand out in the industry is our focus on precision and safety. Another example of this is the PowerTech series’ overload protection mechanism. This prevents any damage occurring to the trimmer or the material. The protection feature ensures the trimmer’s increased durability. Alongside its aluminium baseboard and end frames, this makes the PowerTech series a strong, high-quality, and long-lasting paper trimmer.

With this paper trimmer, you can cut a variety of materials in different sizes and thicknesses. One of the biggest benefits of this trimmer is it’s able to cut many materials without any adjustments. The PowerTech Series is available in a wide range of sizes from 0.65m to 2.5m.

We hope this blog has been a helpful guide for choosing the right paper trimmer. To find the right Rotatrim for you, get in touch today:

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