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Rotatrim vs Scissors: Why a Rotatrim is a Must in the Home

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Almost every home will have at least one pair of scissors, but there are not many that will own a Rotatrim.

There are many different makes and models of paper cutting machines but the make and model you decide on will depend on the budget and the material and size you will be cutting.

A Rotatrim could be just as beneficial in the home as a pair of scissors.

Why a Rotatrim?

Cutting straight edges: Everyone knows a pair of scissors will cut a straight line but the hands operating them must be steady, otherwise an eternity could be spent trying to achieve a completely straight line.

However, with a Rotatrim trimmer a clean straight cut will be achieved within seconds. The sturdy yet light cutting head glides along so easily that even weaker hands will have no problems operating the trimmer.

Making larger material easier to cut: If you are either crafting or partaking in some light DIY projects there is a strong chance you may need to cut larger material. Rotatrim trimmers range in sizes from A4 all the way up to 4A0. Ensuring no matter what the size of material you are cutting, a smooth precise cut will be ensured.

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Time saving: With its smooth sliding rotary blade action, a Rotatrim trimmer will cut through your material in no time at all. Within moments your projects will be cut cleanly and precisely with the ease you would expect from our trimmers.

Safe design: A Rotatrim trimmer has fundamentally been made to be used by people of all ages and abilities. With a completely enclosed cutting head a Rotatrim trimmer is completely safe and easy to be used by all.

More choice to suit your needs: Lastly it is worth mentioning a pair of scissors is just that, a pair of scissors. Our Rotatrim trimmers come in many models and sizes so we will always have a trimmer to suit your needs whether it be a small trimmer for crafting projects to full size powered trimmers that cut posters and banners.

If you are interested in our trimmers, please browse over our website and look at how a Rotatrim could make cutting an easier more enjoyable task.

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