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It’s a strange world…..

Rotatrim is launching a new product! Then why the “strange world “quote, I hear you say. Well, this has absolutely nothing to do with cutting in any way shape or form…..trimming maybe, but not in the way you are thinking!

Here at Rotatrim, we have a few members of staff who are a little bit fanatical about their fitness and seeing that the company purchased a CNC machine last year for machining our own baseboards, these staff members soon realised that there was an opportunity to create some equipment for fitness.

Having badgered the Directors, the green light was given and after some designing, some machining, some test workouts……the PowerPlyo plyometric jump box was born.


Because we care about the safety of our staff and customers, we have made the PowerPlyo plyometric jump box out of 18mm thick 11ply anti-slip coated Wisa Birch Plywood (EN314-2 Class 3). This is an extremely robust and durable material, which combined with the interlocking joints and 36 countersunk screws, makes this a very strong box.

The PowerPlyo plyometric jump box provides you with 3 different heights to work with, 20” (51cm), 24’ (61cm) and 30” (76cm), and is suitable for a wide range of strength and fitness exercises. A few examples are:

  • -Box jumps (Basic, Transverse, Hop Ups, Step Over, 180’s and 360’s)
  • -Dips
  • -Incline/Decline Press
  • -Pistol Squats
  • -Single Leg Lunges
  • -Shoulder Stands


So if you are a bit like our staff members here who enjoy fitness, then this may just be the product for you.

PowerPlyo Plyometric Jump Box