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The Best Rotatrim For You | Everything You Need to Know.

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In the year 1966, we started up our business and now the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary action cutters. In 52 years, we have been successfully supplying the world with high-quality Paper Cutters, we have produced some incredible new models with adapted features to help you as the customer as much as possible. A UK based company that is renowned for the durability of our products, as well as safety and versatility. We supply a wide range of models, so no matter what size office space you have, there is a large variety of rotary paper trimmers available for you.

Rotatrim Powertech PT Electric Rotary Cutters

This Rotatrim Paper Cutter is focused on precision and powerful cuts, the trimmers on these models are extremely powerful and capable of commercial use. These models have a tungsten steel blade which is powered by electricity, this allows you to cut things up to 0.4cm thick. This includes; banners, vinyl, blueprints and much more. They are available in many different sizes and all have many features.

Rotatrim Master Cut MC Series Rotary Cutters

If you are looking for a paper cutter for a small business or at home, this is the one for you. One key feature on these models is the grid cutting patterns, which assist when cutting paper to a certain size or shape. Whilst being one of the more simplistic models, it’s still a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality rotary cutter. Its easy use and safety features allow it to be one of the most purchased products.

Rotatrim Technical T Series Industrial Rotary Cutters

The Technical T Series is available up to a length of 99 inches (251.46cm) and the largest size that the Rotatrim technical T Series Industrial Rotary Cutters can cope with is 4A0 landscape. This heavy-duty trimmer can cut materials up to 4mm (0.4cm), the paper trimmer with extra capacity for the more challenging materials. Perfect for large businesses or schools. This series of paper cutters includes a clamp strip, this clamp strip holds down the material in place whilst its cut, this allows absolute precision.

Rotatrim Professional M Series Rotary Cutters

Being the most popular line of Rotatrim paper cutters, its available in a lot of sizes to meet all needs. They have an increased cut capacity, designed for continuous use every day. The precision blades are made of the finest quality Sheffield steel. The Rotatrim M Series is a self-sharpening paper trimmer that optimises your work. This series also has a clamp strip to hold work for precise placement and cutting.

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