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How to Safely Use a Rotatrim

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As you will be aware, the huge selling point of a Rotatrim trimmer is the precession and accuracy of the blades. However, before using a trimmer its worth getting a basic understanding of how your cutter works and how to keep yourself safe when maintaining your trimmer.

Paper Trimmer or Guillotine?

There are several differences between guillotines and paper trimmers. The most obvious is the cutting technique used by them.

The guillotines knife-like blade that slices in a downward chopping motion and is designed for cutting through bulk quantities of material in one cut.

The paper trimmer works on a slicing technique whereby the rotary cutting blade is enclosed within a cutting head and runs along a flat blade which works on a scissor-like slicing motion. The paper trimmer is ideal for more precise and refined jobs.

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Paper Trimmer Safety

At Rotatrim our trimmers come in various sizes and different models have different cutting abilities. Whatever the model or size our trimmers are designed to give you the perfect cut every time.

We are extremely proud that our trimmers are all manufactured in the UK and our blades are made of the highest quality Sheffield Steel.

Our specially designed cutting head completely encases the rotary cutting blade ensuring it is completely safe to use by people of all ages and abilities.

This is a credit to the fact that you find our trimmers in homes, school and workplaces all over the world.

Replacing Your Blade

There may come a time in the future when you may need to replace the rotary cutting wheel in your trimmer.

We have endeavoured to make this as safe and easy to do as possible.

As your trimmer is guaranteed* with our lifetime servicing guarantee you are always able to return your trimmer back to us where we will happily replace and fit your new cutting wheel.**

Otherwise, you can purchase the replacement parts which come with full instructions, ensuring you can repair your trimmer safely and quickly.

If you are looking for a safe to use, precise, quality trimmer then look no further than a Rotatrim. Call us today on 01234 224545 or contact us via our contact page for more information.

*Model dependent

**Shipping and Parts Chargeable