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Suitable for DigiTech DT Series, Technical T Series , Foam Tech FT Series, Power Tech  PT Series

While every Rotatrim trimmer is designed to be virtually maintenance free, some simple to perform ongoing maintenance, will ensure that your machine continues to offer ‘tip-top’ performance.

The Rotatrim Maintenance Pack has been specifically designed to ensure that you enjoy optimum performance from your machine for many years to come. The Pack consists of a can of Rotatrim lubricating spray, a Rotatrim lint free cloth, as well as a number of spare parts, which if lost or damaged are useful to have to hand.

What a difference a Spray makes…
One of the most commonly commented upon usability features of Rotatrim trimmers, is the ease with which the head can be moved along the guide rails. From new, the movement of the head is virtually silent and friction free resulting in very little effort on the part of the user, being required to make a cut. Over time, paper dust created through making a cut and other particular matter collects on the guide rails resulting in increased friction and while this will not reduce the quality of the cut, it does mean that a little more effort is required in order to make a cut.

A quick spray and wipe with the lubricating spray and lint free cloth included in the Maintenance Pack, removes this dust and returns an ‘as new’ feel to the machine.

The lubricating spray and lint free cloth can also be used to polish the baseboard, ensuring that your work slides effortlessly into place prior to making the cut.

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